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Gorrila Designer
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  • Update May 20th

    This week has been quite full for me. I have spent the majority of this week learning Ruby on Rails

  • New Idea

    New Idea

    I had an idea the other day while driving around Seattle, Gorilla Art!

  • Learn to code!

    Codecadamy teaches courses on coding by allowing you to try it out in real time (more…)

  • The Divine Web

    The Divine Web

    Interesting article by Carrie Cousins about the divine ratio

  • 55 t-shirts for designers

    55 T-shirts for designers

  • Image switch gallery

    Jquery Image Switch Found this nifty jquery plugin. While at the site take a look at the tags plugin on the left side. It’s very impressive.

  • very last one for today

    awesome jquery tuts