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Gorrila Designer: : Page 5
  • Some Characters I made

    Some Characters I made

    Just made a few sketches the other day and decided to touch them up illustrator.

  • CSS side by side code

    some code I chucked together to made divs line up side by side

  • data design


    An infographic that I made for Integrated information design

  • Google closure tools

    Today I was reading 97 things every programmer should know. During the first few chapters they mentioned a good habit of using code analyzers when working in groups. I decided to wiki “code analyzers” and ended up coming across Google’s Closure tools. I don’t know a lot about it right now, but from what I’ve…

  • More fun pages to visit

    More fun pages to visit Now I believe that when you are learning scripting, whether it be html, css, or javascript, that you practice it yourself. It is best to learn how the code works other than taking shortcuts. That being said here are a couple CSS generators to help get the look you want…

  • New Find

    Yesterday I was browsing the web as I almost always do. While searching I had come across an interesting post by a web/graphic designer by the name of Roman Cortes. If you have a spare moment I highly suggest checking out his page, especially his javascript creations.

  • Experiments in CSS3

    This is one of my first attempts at playing with CSS3 Note: Internet Explorer does not support the transform property.